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California Labor Commissioner
Talent Agencies Decisions
(Labor Code Section 1700)

Section 1700, et seq., of the California Labor Code (the Talent Agencies Act) regulates the activity of talent agents and prohibits unlicensed persons from acting as talent agents. Except for written arbitration clauses, primary jurisdiction for resolving disputes under the Talent Agencies Act, including claims asserting violations of the Talent Agencies Act by personal managers, is invested in the California Labor Commissioner.

Law Offices of Max J. Sprecher and its attorneys are experts on issues arising under the Talent Agencies Act, having litigated cases on behalf of talent (e.g., actors, writers, and musicians), personal managers, and talent agencies for more than 20 years.

Over the past 35 years, the Labor Commissioner's office issued more than 290 decisions. At present, Law Offices of Max J. Sprecher is the only non-governmental source for an exhaustive set of the Labor Commissioner's decisions. These decisions have been compiled and arranged in a searchable format, and the library is available for purchase as a download or as a CD/DVD-Rom.

For a sample of an initial search page, please click on the "Sample Search Page" to the left. The sample page reflects a search for cases involving discussion of unlawful procurement and disgorgement. Please note that although only five cases appear in the scrolling results window, 46 decisions are located with the search terms as indicated on the sample.

For a list of cases included in the library as of July 2012, click on the link for the "Index of Decisions" to the left.

To check the license status of a talent agency, use the link on the left for the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement's licensing database.