Law Offices of Max J. Sprecher


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our goal is to provide focused litigation and dispute resolution services that match the needs of our clients to the real-world value of the issues involved.

Sensitive to our clients' needs, we commit to handling each matter with integrity, efficiency, and professionalism. Although aggressive when necessary, it is our policy to avoid needless battles over irrelevant issues that frequently drive up litigation costs.

The firm's practice focuses on entertainment and general business litigation and dispute resolution on behalf of talent (e.g., actors, writers, directors, musicians), independent production companies and financiers, independent distributors and sales agents, personal managers, and talent agencies. The firm has more than 20 years of expertise in all areas of entertainment law, including guild arbitrations, accounting and contract disputes, personal manager and talent agency disputes, idea submission cases, copyright and trademark litigation (as well as trademark registrations), motion picture distribution disputes, Internet issues, right of publicity and privacy law, defamation, business torts, and domain name disputes.

In 2012, Max J. Sprecher joined the arbitral panel of the Independent Film & Televison Alliance.

Law Offices of Max J. Sprecher is the only publisher of decisions by the California Labor Commissioner concerning the California Talent Agencies Act, Cal. Labor Code Section
1700, et seq. For more information, please review the TAA Decisions page.